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Phase Neural Network  v.1.0

A Java neural network simulator for a type of new spiking neuron model.More information will be available later.

Tezeract Neural Network Simulator  v.1.0

An Open Source neural network simulator prototype. The version hosted here supports only MLPs using backpropagation. The prototype has a simple Python support and an OpenGL visualizer. Network inputs are hardcoded.

BrainNet Neural Network Framework  v.1.0

This project aims at creating a flexible, extendible and re-usable neural network library, and an XML based programming language to create, train and run neural networks using the above mentioned library.

Neural Network Library For Linux  v.1.2

Neural Network class library: Its a C/C++ implementation that provides following three neural architecture - Feed-forward network,.

Neural Network  v.1.0

Standard neural networks trained with backpropagation algorithm are fully connected. Hypercube neurons have limited number of inputs. This is the implementation of network that is not fully conected and trainable with backpropagation

SINCO - A Neural Network Library  v.0.9

SINCO is a GPL library with functions to implement Artificial Neural Networks simulators.

TIKAPP - Neural network library and to  v.0.4.0

TIKAPP is becoming a collection of tools for simulation of neural networks. The first available part is an ANSI-C++ library with support for backpropation

Weka neural network algorithms  v.1.0.3

This project contains weka packages of neural networks algorithms implementations like Learning Vector Quantizer (LVQ) and Self-organizing Maps (SOM). For more information about weka, please visit

Tic-Tac-Toe Neural Network  v.1.0

The goal of the project it to learn how to use Neural Networks, and teach one how to play tic tac toe, and get to the never losing ability that most people can play at.

Neural Network FPGA Implementation  v.1.0

The project goal is to develop several IP cores that would implement artificial neural networks using FPGA resources. These cores will be designed in such a way to allow easy integration in the Xilinx EDK framework.

Zeus Neural Network Framework  v.rc

Zeus is a small, lighweight, very fast object oriented framework for developing neural networks with an integrated shell interface. Go to for news, forums, post, newsletter, chat ...

Neural Network Engine  v.1.0

The project in programming language Java devoted to Artificial Neural Networks and their applications in various areas. Represents the basic part for functioning and training of neural networks with the connected plug-ins.

Neural network designer  v.1.0

This project consists out of a windows based designer application and a library (that can run on multiple platforms, including android) together with several demo applications (including an MVC3 chatbot client and an android application). It is ...

Neural network signal processing  v.1.0

We study technique based on the use of neuron-like models for calculating comparison measures for one-dimensional chirp signals

Neural Networks  v.4.3.7

Inspired by neurons and their connections in the brain, neural network is a representation used in machine learning. After running the back-propagation learning algorithm on a given set of examples, the neural network can be used to predict outcomes

Spice-MLP  v.2.0

SPICE-MLP (the old name is SpiceNeuro or Neural Network Example - NNE) is a small application of Three-Layer Neural Network (NN) with multi-inputs and outputs, written for students who wanted to learn and develop their own NN applications. The

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